Tuesday, 13 October 2009


you may be forgiven for thinking that this blog doesn't have much to do with comics. a lot of the posts i put up don't directly relate to comics. when i think of comics i cannot see them separate from everything else that surrounds me. every thing i see, read, do and experience is informed by everything else i see, read, do and experience. it's easy to get distracted by a museum visit or a newspaper article, which to me is as relevant as the latest comics publication.

some people have informed me of their discontent at not being able to see some more of my latest comic efforts. as eager to please as any woman: here are some extracts from cowards/carnivores. for anyone who has never seen my mini's before and wants to use their mind's-eye to do some visualization: they usually fold into an accordion style booklet, every panel is a page so to speak, and you read down. cowards/carnivores consists of 32 panels in total. 3 panels are grouped onto one piece of a3 paper, so even though the first two groups of 3 panels follow each other here they are presented separately.

panels 1-3

panels 4-6

panels 24-26


Grimalkin Press said...

holy crap this is awesome!

maartje said...

thank you, that's very kind.