Tuesday, 1 May 2012

happy days

today was one of those days, i came home after a long day's work, dog tired and ready to collapse. anticipating bills and bank statements i opened my letterbox only to find the long awaited dog comics anthology that rose robbins put together recently.

such a beautifully made little book. and full of dogs to boot. i have wanted a dog for a long time, maybe a little sausage dog or a whippet or a labrador or an american foxhound...but who needs a dog, when you can come home to a comic about one? although nothing can beat this canine.

you can buy a copy at arnolfini or here gallery in bristol and at gosh! or extra bones in london. should you reside elsewhere, you can also buy directly from the editor herself.


for my own contribution i spent a holiday in shanghai taking photos of man's best friends wherever i could.

rose robbins

i love rose's graphic style and the simplicity of a story that is moving and true.