Wednesday, 10 November 2010

feeling aimless?

feeling a little aimless? not sure who you see when you look in the mirror?
come give your life some meaning today by protesting the proposed government cuts to higher education. go here or here for more information.

i am a slow cyclist, but yesterday i got stuck behind a cyclist even more laid-back than myself. a big man, wearing a business suit and a black woollen cap on a black bike was slowing me down. efforts to overtake him were in vain as he aimlessly veered from right to left and back again. at long last we were both stopped by traffic lights. moving up alongside him i glanced over and realised who i was waiting next to. it was boris.*
'morning, boris!' i said, 'morning' said he with a sad look in his eye. and as i cycled off it struck me that boris doesn't really want to be london mayor. it's a respectable job, but what boris really wants is an allotment, a glass of wine and to vote green.

* boris johnson, london's conservative mayor