Tuesday, 26 October 2010

site cite

just to let you know i have finally finished my website, with the kind help of hin chua and the feedback from friends whose opinions i respect (not that i keep any other kind).

a selection of my work is on there, some of which i feel a little ambivalent about, but we all need some skeletons in our closets to keep us running towards the light.

i don't always manage to work on my stories consistently, a lot of brooding and mulching and passing of time goes on. and it is necessary to create a rhythm, some times that means drawing every day for an hour before work, other times it means every sunday for as long as the local coffee shop will have me. i don't know what it'll be now, maybe straight after school for as long as i can muster. whatever the rhythm slowly everything reveals itself. above is one of the images i've been drawing for the story i am currently trying to figure out.