Friday, 23 January 2009

february is waiting for us

let's face it: january is in its death throes and february is showing more than just a bit of ankle.

on sunday the 1st of feb things kick off with the alternative press fair in euston (see also a couple of posts down). i'm not sure whether i'll be selling my mini there, but if not i will definitely be skulking around, checking out the work on sale.

then the ica follows things up by hosting talks by adrian tomine and jeffrey lewis in february. toby litt will be talking to tomine about 'shortcomings' his latest collection of 'optic nerve'-issues on the 3rd and jeffrey will be talking about alan moore's 'watchmen' on the 24th. tickets are going fast so get a move on if you want to attend.

for those of you who are interested in such things: paul hornschemeier did the cover art for toby litt's 'hospital'. (i gave it to my mum for christmas last year. she read it. she liked the cover.)

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