Wednesday, 14 January 2009

beethoven and schulz

when we were very little my big sister collected peanuts related books, figurines, towels and other bits and pieces. not really understanding peanuts or the idea of collecting, but wanting to emulate her i embarked on a mission to collect mickey mouse and walt disney related merchandise.
in spite of the charms of mickey mouse shaped piggybanks and minnie mouse dotted bikini bottoms (sized for 5-7 year-olds), not to mention a very politically incorrect mickey mouse cardgame (in which mickey discovers a 'negro' inside a box delivering an elephant from africa), my sisters collection was always going to age better than mine.

the other day i came across this article on the new york times website, which increased my respect for both my sister's good taste as well as schulz' creation even more.
as it turns out schroeder, the piano playing character in peanuts, plays existing pieces of beethoven in the comic strip. furthermore the pieces schulz chose for schroeder to play actually add to the meaning of the stories he wrote.

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