Sunday, 8 February 2009

anders nilsen on a roll

so anders nilsen has been at it again. 'monologues for calculating the density of black holes' the follow up to his stream of consciousness comic 'monologues for the coming plague' is out. now. go get it.

if you are willing to flog your bike and ipod you might also be able to afford sammy harkham's latest editorial effort 'kramers ergot 7'. it is big and i haven't dared look inside it yet, but it is supposed to be good.


Marion Parola said...

Sounds like you splashed out on some new comic goodies! It was lovely to see you this week end Maartje, I am looking forward to come down and see you. xxx

King AdBeck said...

I enjoyed your contribution to the Chicks On Comics blog. Your 4-panel meditation on autobiographical comics echoes my own questions regarding the form. Also I'm partial to the British spelling of "colour" with a "u." :)

Will you be posting some more of your own work here for us to see? Hope so.

Stop by my comic strip / blog sometime and check it out.

King AdBeck
Rebeldog Comics

P.S. - I quite fancy the word "grey" as well. :)

P♀ly said...

I'm absolutely LOVING your work (got here for the Chicks on Comics blog).

nice to watch you.

maartje said...

thanks king adbeck and poly. and good to know someone is keeping an eye on my spelling...
i'll go check out your blogs right now.